What happens to my report?

Once a report is made the Commission will be responsible for managing the information.

You can choose how you want your report to be followed up.

You can choose from three options about how you would like us to deal with your report:

  1. the Commission can contact you to discuss the options for dealing with your report
  2. you can remain anonymous
  3. if the incident is a racially motivated crime your report can be referred to the police for follow-up. The Commission will contact you before referring your report to the police.

If you report anonymously, we will not attempt to contact you unless we have serious concerns about your safety.

If your report contains personal information about somebody else, the Commission is obliged to take reasonable steps to let the person know that we have collected their personal information. However, the Commission will not attempt to notify a person who is mentioned in a report if this would pose a serious risk to anyone.

You can read more about how we will protect your privacy.

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